Mineral Water, Swimming Pools, Sewage Water, Effluent Water, Aquaculture, Air Purification, Chemical Processing, Medical Applications, Fruits & Vegetables etc.

Water Treatment
Depending On The Point Of Application And Dosage, Ozone Can
  • Remove Iron/Manganese from source water.
  • Remove odorous compounds in raw water.
  • Reduce DBP (Disinfection by products) downstream.
  • Disinfect water (post-ozonation).
  • Inactivation of viruses and Protazoa.
  • Remove contaminants like endocrine disruptive compounds, Pesticides , herbicides and other industrial chemicals.
  • Improve micro flocculation (Inter-ozone).
  • Improve performance of micron filters.
Food Processing
Ozone In Food Processing
  • Reduces water consumption, and allows reuse of water.
  • Removes pesticides and fungicides and other micro pollutants.
  • Improves shelf life by delaying spoilage and over ripening.
  • Improved sterilization.

Air Ozonation

Ozone and ozone generators can be used in a wide range of air treatment applications.
Hospitals – Reduces turn-around time by ensure quicker sterilization cycles.
Hotels, offices, restaurants and gyms – Removes odour, and sterilizes the air and surfaces reducing cross contamination.
Cold storage – ozone has the ability to increase shelf life of various products by almost 10 fold, and help save millions of tonnes of food from being wasted every year.
Sewage treatment plants and garbage rooms – ozone can effectively remove odiferous compounds.
HVAC ducts – Ozone can bring significant power costs by reducing fouling of ducts.

Swimming Pool Treatment
Benefits Of Using Ozone In Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  • Lowers use of chemicals by upto 80%.
  • Clearer water.
  • Makes any use of chlorine safe by preventing carcinogenic by-product formation.
  • Prevents side effects of chlorinated compounds like skin irritation/burning of eyes/scaling of the skin.

Swimmers have invariably every part of their body affected by unsafe water due to the use of Chlorine.

Pharma-Grade Water & Process Water

Process water treatment in pharmaceutical companies, Food and Beverage industries, chemicals and allied industries assume a very important role in maintaining standards that are very stringent. Apart from the common contamination such as coliforms, streptococcus species, one very major contamination that the industry dreads is the contamination by pseudomonas species. Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa are often seen to survive chlorination on three out of seven occasions. These strains have also been noted to be resistant to almost all the antibiotics tested.

Pure water (PW), Ultra-pure water (UPW)
and Water for injection (WFI)

Benefits Of Using Ozone In Pure Water, Ultra Pure Water & Water For Injection Systems

  • Reducing Water Usage.
  • Considerably Lower Power Costs.
  • Increased production time and lower sanitization time.
  • The Return on investment for Ozone in Pure water loops is typically less than 6 months.